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Book Deal!!!

A photo of me in Boone, NC, the town that inspired the fictional Falling Rock, NC, in The After Girls.

I’ve been meaning to announce this for awhile, but between being superstitious/paranoid about telling too early and the little matter of driving across the country, moving into a sublet, and setting to work finding a new apartment, I’ve been a little preoccupied.

That said, the contracts are signed, the revisions (which I completed–I kid you not–in the passenger seat of a 16-foot Budget truck) are in and accepted, and my first official novel, The After Girls, will be coming out from Adams Media/Merit Press Books in hardcover in spring 2013!

Even after getting and accepting the offer, talking to my editor, the talented Jacquelyn Mitchard (of The Deep End of the Ocean fame–good book, if you haven’t read it already), and embarking on a light revision, I don’t think the news really hit me until I saw the cover, which was the exact thing I never knew I wanted, and I will share it here as soon as it’s ready and I’m allowed to. As my editor said, seeing the cover of your book for the first time is like meeting a child–you feel like you’ve known them forever even though you’re seeing them for the first time.

Well, all I can say was that she was right. I’m thrilled that this thing I’ve created is going to be real and on paper, but mostly I’m just thrilled that so many people decided to take a chance on my story, from my amazing agent, Danielle Chiotti, to my friends, family, and boyfriend  who supported me the whole time I was writing it, to my Mediabistro writing group who gave me amazing notes, to the editor and publishing team who are putting it on the shelves.

More than that, I’m blessed to be embarking on this new phase of my writing life in a beautiful new city with my wonderful boyfriend, and in a new apartment (we sign a lease next week)–I only have to figure out the little matter of finding a new job.

It’s weird how the good and the bad always seem to come together. My boyfriend and I moved out of NYC literally two days before Hurricane Sandy hit. And even though the coverage has waned in the wake of the election, there are still so many without power, without homes, mourning loved ones, eager to get back to work, having two-hour commutes each morning. I’ve been hesitant to talk about all the good things happening to me during this time, but all I can say is, I’m incredibly blessed–and incredibly grateful–and I’m thinking of the brave people of New York every day.

10 thoughts on “Book Deal!!!

  1. I’m so excited for you, Leah and so proud. You have always been exceptional in everything you have done, starting very early in childhood. You have always been a writer. I am touched in the deepest part of me in reading this right now. I hope you know that I am unbelievably proud of you and love you beyond measure. My heartfelt Congratulations. Mom

  2. Congratulations Leah! I am the most proud, that an Aunt could possibly be! My eyes welled up with tears of joy and love for you, while reading your post! I am SO happy for you, and see many, many wonderful things/years ahead for you………in this new chapter of your life.
    Aunt Nora

  3. I was working at a meet all day and then called my mom on the way home. She is the one that told me the news and we were both shrieking with excitement. We have said all along that you were going to make this happen because besides your awesome writing talent, you also just kept working at it and working at it and working at it. You’ve done it all the right and now you are on your way. We are all so very proud of you! Way to go. Sending a super duper virtual hug!

  4. Congratulations dearest Leah! Knowing the challenges of writing and even more so, of getting published, I am so happy for you and so proud of your hard and enduring work to bring this to fruition! I can’t wait to read and to hear of many more to come dear niece. Big hugs from Ireland…

    Love, Lori

  5. Leah,
    what an awesome accomplishment! As a writer myself, I can only imagine what the moment of seeing your creation come to life in this form must be like. Happy writing to you always!
    Stephanie Charlette (an acting student of your mom)

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