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Vintage Photos as Writing Inspiration

How cool are they?

So, my grandparents were married 66 years ago today … in New York City … in the famed St. Patrick’s Cathedral (I don’t know how they pulled that off, either). That’s them, above. Aren’t they gorgeous together? I never remember meeting my grandmother, Mary. She passed away shortly after I was born. But my grandfather, Gordon, was one of the happiest, smiliest, most kind-hearted people I’ve ever known. Here’s to them!

Anyway, I’m home visiting my parents right now, and I’ve been looking at a lot of old photos–ones of my other grandparents on the West Coast, standing in front of a classic car and a dusty landscape (I’ll share that in a separate post), ones of me and my sister as a kid, ones of my parents as babies. Old photos are so amazing (I mean, just look at that car!). They can completely transport you to a different place and time, much the way a good book does.

I set my writing mostly in present-day, so photos aren’t necessarily a window into another era for research purposes, but I guess when I look at them, I just realize how many stories each person has. I remember the way I felt when I was a kid. I remember places I used to live and visit. All of it makes me feel very creative, like there are endless tales to tell, moments to capture,  you just have to find them.

As a writer, what fun it is to be able to jump into a character’s head and find their most happy, sad, dramatic, distraught, elated, book-worthy moments. I think that’s one of the reasons we all love writing.

Anyway, enjoy the photo–and happy anniversary to my grandparents in heaven!

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