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Writing Inspiration! Giveaway! Happy Friday!

douglas-adams-quoteIt’s Friday, so I’ll start off by sharing a quote that’s of particular interest to me, by Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. This quote is especially cool today, as I told my awesome agent that I would send over the first act (semi-polished and free of glaring errors) of my new novel this weekend. The jury’s out on whether this will actually happen, but here’s hoping! Especially when it comes to self-imposed deadlines, there always seems to be quite a bit of breathing room, which is okay. Writers are the ultimate procrastinators, and if we can’t find inspiration in the fact that super successful writers procrastinate just as much as us, then what will give us joy?

Speaking of deadlines, it’s actually NOT TOO LATE to enter this month’s giveaway for The After Girls! August is halfway over, and that means you still have 2 weeks to enter to win 5 SIGNED HARDCOVER COPIES and 5 SIGNED ARCs! Here’s how:

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Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “Writing Inspiration! Giveaway! Happy Friday!

  1. Just thought this was funny- they used that quote in Julie & Julia w/out attributing it. I remember bc I liked the quote so much (Julie’s husband says it in passing) that I wrote it in the notes app of my phone on 9/11/09. We have the same taste!

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