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Review # 50 on Amazon!

As promised, I’m giving a shout-out to the lovely 50th reviewer on Amazon (who had a lot of nice things to say!).

Here’s the review, from NextDoorGirl on Amazon:

The After Girls is a great book that asks an important question: How much do we know our friends? Syd, Astrid and Ella have been best friends for years and know each other like the palms of their hands, which is why Syd and Ella are so shocked when Astrid, happy and beautiful Astrid, commits suicide. What follows is a story about coming to terms with the guilt and grief that comes with suicide. What could Syd and Ella have done differently to keep Astrid alive? How was it that they never really saw their friend was standing at the edge of a cliff? Why did she do it? Syd and Ella had different relationships with Astrid and they also have different ways of dealing with the guilt they feel at not having stopped Astrid. Ella, who also found Astrid’s body, is desperate to know why her friend did this. She goes to great lengths, like reading Astrid’s journal and snooping around her house, to understand what she failed to see months earlier. Sydney, while seemingly just trying to move on, is dealing with a lot of confusion and guilt over the things she let slide or ignored about Astrid.

I really liked how Leah Konen wove the story, how different Ella’s and Sydney’s voices are, and how she moved the plot along. The girls grew a lot during the book, which is always good to see, and I really recommend this to anyone who has ever lost a friend, even if it wasn’t to suicide. The emotions are heartfelt and there are even elements of suspense that will keep you turning the page, or in my case, pressing the forward button of my Kindle.

Thanks, NextDoorGirl, for reading, and thanks everyone for posting your reviews. Next stop, 100 reviews!!

Happy Friday,


3 thoughts on “Review # 50 on Amazon!

  1. That’s me!! I had no idea you were doing this. So cool! Congrats on your 50th review, Leah. Here’s to another 50.

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