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Big news! A new book of mine is coming out!

I’ve been excitedly sitting on this news for a bit, and I am so thrilled to finally be able to share! I’ve got a book coming out! From Harper Collins! YAY!!!

I started working on this book when I moved to San Francisco. The idea and most of the plot came in one of those quick, all-at-once author flashes (that I didn’t believe actually ever happened until it did happen). It’s got romance, dark pasts, bad boys, good boys, bad boys who might be good boys who might actually be the bad boys, lots of kissing, small-town dynamics and secrets, sweet tea, and a narrator I absolutely love, Liz (who sometimes goes by Lizzie). My agent keeps referring to it as “juicy,” which i find both awesome and hilarious.

It won’t be out until Summer 2016, but I’m happy to be able to pass the news along (don’t worry, I’ll be sharing plenty more updates before then). Thanks again, everyone, for so much support along the way.

Happy reading and writing!

P.S. Here’s the announcement from Publisher’s Marketplace.
unnamedAnd if you find that tiny screenshot hard to read:
Leah Konen’s FLAME, about privilege and perception set in North Carolina, in which a 17-year-old finds herself caught between two worlds–one based on image and power, and one based on the truth …

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