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Love Personality Type #6: The Dreamer [EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK]


Love Personality Type #6 is The Dreamer.

Dreamers want the most out of every relationship–and aren’t happy when they don’t get it. But they have a lot to offer, too. Love, our narrator in The Romantics, adores how they add depth and purpose to every relationship they’re in.


One who views romance as the ultimate act of self-fulfillment, seeking constant challenge and growth. May result in a desire to define and improve the relationship, make plans for the future, and lose faith when the future doesn’t turn out exactly as imagined. May also result in incredibly deep romantic connections and emotional bonds.

Dreamers in The Romantics:

Gael’s Mom

Dreamers in Pop Culture: 

Kathleen (You’ve Got Mail)


Do you know any characters who are Dreamers? Are you one? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Love Personality Type: The Romantic (!!)

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